Branded CrimeSight

Branded CrimeSight

One day Mo Farah is repping virgin media in Canobury and then whooosh he’s gone. BT are so intent to show the extent of its coverage that it’s literally blanket bombing the competition.

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London Dungeon – Fear is a Funny Thing

Enter at your peril

For 35 years, Tooley Street’s eerie railway arches served as home to the London Dungeon – providing visitors a mischievous celebration of the Capital’s dark, torturous and disease ridden past. At its heart, a cast of actors playing London’s darkest characters, guide visitors through a medley of gruesome corpses, scurrying rats and cage-rattling skeletons. However it’s never been about out and out frights. The beauty of the Dungeon is that caustic humour pervades the whole experience, so rapturous laughter follows every shriek. Visitors are drawn into a world of banter, where mates, lovers, parents and kids feel compelled to take the piss out of each other. It’s a heady experience, but one that has continually stumped marketers in how it’s best advertised. Communications have swung between history, gore and frivolity – leaving the uninitiated puzzled by what they might experience.

Dungeon's Medley

2013 heralded a move to a new and improved home on the South Bank. It was high time that the Dungeon’s branding and advertising deliver against its experience. So our task was twofold: announce the Dungeon’s relocation and provide absolute clarity around its offer.

Our solution? Release the mischief of the Dungeon into its new neighbourhood and let the infection spread throughout the city and beyond.


Free-hand typography introduced the cheekiness and dynamism of the Dungeon’s cast that had previously eluded marketers. Activated through a take-over of waterloo station, static poster sites were transformed into a panoramic stage for London’s greatest mischief-makers to mock each other and plunge passers by into scenes straight out of the Dungeon.

Waterloo 4

A film shot in bullet time, swirls viewers through a journey of mischief, laughter and fright; boyfriends wince in pain as their girlfriends squeeze their hands in fear, school children laugh hysterically as their teacher is made a fool of, and visitors, rats and personal affects seem suspended in air as they’re displaced through banter, jumps and giggles.

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Stain glass

St. Stefanus is a Belgian Abbey beer whose roots date back to 1295. Originally brewed by Augustinian monks, the beer is now licenced and distributed by SAB Miller. Under the stewardship of a sixth generation Master Brewer, St. Stefanus is still produced in small batches with the same care and craftsmanship as it always was. It is a product that oozes authenticity.

Brewer        Brewing

Unpasteurised, St. Stefanus continues to ferment once bottled. This ongoing fermentation means that the flavour and complexity of the beer develops as it matures – ranging from a fresh and fruity three-month old to a rounded and aromatic 18-month old. Although common amongst Belgian beers, bottle maturation has never been communicated single-mindedly by any one brand. This presented a great opportunity for St. Stefanus to behave more like a fine wine than a beer, command a higher price point and connect with the most discerning of drinkers.

Zythologists Fresh Hopping Draught

The challenge was to create brand assets, which would allow St Stefanus to be discovered by true beer connoisseurs. We needed to bring them into the St Stefanus story without it feeling like they were being lectured or marketed to – they want to discover great beers for themselves. Everything had to feel ‘authentic’, small batch and true to the monastic origins of the beer.

 Cellar      Wagon

Our solution was to create carefully crafted assets, from materials that belong to the monastery and beer cellar: crates and blocks made from aged wood, cast-iron keys repurposed as bottle openers and parchment paper used to create taste tags and food pairing menus. Collectively they are designed to pique interest about the beer’s age and changing taste; they also encourage dialogue with bartenders and specialist beer retailers. In this way beer connoisseurs can piece together the facts from trusted experts and in turn, become custodians of the St. Stefanus story, inspired to share their discoveries among their peers.

75cl      BlocksCheck out the work when it goes live later this month in specialist outlets across the States, France, Italy and the UK.


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At the end of last week the completely revamped site went live. Our challenge was to create a clean, simple site that would drive traffic and increase dwell time through engaging content, rather than relying on promotions and competitions.

Built in-house, the new site introduces Nonna Rosa, a matriarchal Italian grandmother who lives in London and “proudly keeps her family in check, nurturing the kind of balanced lifestyle Mediterraneans have become known for.”


As well as finding an array of delicious recipes you can also link through to suppliers like Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose & ASDA and buy any of Bertolli’s spreads.


To keep people engaged over the course of the year, the site will be refreshed periodically and an ECRM programme will drive traffic to the latest content.

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Night Tag – Olmeca Tequila


Launched earlier this month, Night Tag is an iPhone App we developed at Amsterdam Worldwide. Designed for Olmeca tequila, the App acts as a digital wingman for party boys and girls – guiding them through the best electronic music and nightlife their cities have to offer.

The main feature of the App is to contextualise photos taken on a night out, with the location where they were shot and the music that was playing at the time. These contextualised photos are then shared within Facebook timeline.

To further guild the lilly, the App also integrates listings guides and a radio streaming service. Selecta.

Check out the intro video:

Download the App – It’s awesome and it’s free!

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Ferran Adrià – Demystifying the Complex

Ferran Adrià’s The Family Meal, brings to light some of the daily meals that were shared amongst El Bulli’s staff. It doesn’t bamboozle with off-key ingredients, or tools that are only found in Michelin stared restaurants. Instead it shows you how to cook delicious food, without any pretense or bullshit. To make life super simple, it provides story boards that illustrate each mouth watering step in creating the book’s 31 menus.

Adrià provides his essential list of tools and ingredients to stock your fridge-freezer, cupboards and drawers; it shows you how to make essentials like stocks and make your ingredients and meals go further. Quite simply it demystifies what’s often considered complex, and helps its readers create delicious meals for around £2.50 a head – Sainsbury’s, this is called Living Well for Less.

Check it out:

The Family Meal

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Amen Break – A Defining Loop

The Amen Break is a six second drum sample from Amen Brother, the B-Side of The Winstons’ 1969 record Color Him Father.  Considered the most sampled drum loop of all time, it has shaped subcultures from LA to London. It’s the breakbeat foundation of N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton, Mantronix’s King of Beats,Shy FX’s Original Nutta, LTJ Bukem’s Demon Theme and Amy Winehouse’s You Know I’m No Good. That list could go on almost indefinitely, but I shan’t bore you, so instead why don’t you check out Nate Harrison’s fascinating yet monotone overview:

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