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Jeff Koons Must Die!!!

The polemic that surrounds Jeff Koons is unending. For some he’s a genius and for others he’s a charlatan. Whatever the case, there’s no denying that popping balloons is fun; which is why first-person shoot em up, Jeff Koons Must Die, … Continue reading

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Sega Mega Piss

A few years back, Sega tragically lost its way. Having once produced the best games consoles on the planet, Sega made a couple of misguided releases with the Saturn and Dreamcast. The failure of Sega’s consoles against a burgeoning market, meant the … Continue reading

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Gentrification Battlefield

Following the Being a Dickhead’s cool video, that’s been doing the rounds, Mediamatic have put on an exhibition called Noord – exploring the changing life and population of all that’s north of the IJ river (Amsterdam). As part of the exhibition Golfstromen and Coen Rens … Continue reading

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Interactive Footwear: Nike Shoes Hacked With Wii Parts

As part of the NIKE78 project, designer Nick Marsh took Nike’s challenge of hacking a pair of shoes to create something new, infusing them with parts taken from a Nintendo Wii. The result is a pair of interactive footwear that … Continue reading

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