Since it launched in 1975, the BMW 3 Series has pushed the boundaries of engineering and set the gold standard in executive cars. In doing so, it’s secured BMW’s role as the nation’s favourite driver’s car, The Ultimate Driving Machine.


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of BMW’s archetypal car, our campaign illustrates each of its six generations since 1975. In each medium – print, OOH, film, social, ECRM, DM – comms consecutively builds to reveal more of the 3 Series story.


1982-2048x1030 1990-2048x1030 1998-2048x1030 2005-2048x1030

In print and OOH, the six models are individually shot and hero’d against clean, bold backgrounds that capture the mood and aesthetic of their respective eras. Dated with typography specific to each era, copy detailed 3 Series innovations and wove them around cultural landmarks from the past 4 decades. Then, using gatefolds, wraps and  OOH sites that build consecutively, the 3 Series story unfolds, revealing more with each turn of the page.

In film, a single take showed each generation gracefully make way for its successor. Social rallied 3 Series owners to share images of their prized cars, and a bespoke DM piece detailed the evolution of the 3 Series. Signed off with The Driver’s Car Since 1975, the campaign celebrated 3 Series’ past and future.

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