When Ghassan approached us in 2012 it had been trading as a Jeweller since the 19th century. However Ghassan had never established a clearly defined brand, nor had it ever directly communicated with consumers. All that was about to change. Under the direction of CEO Ibrahim Al-Nemeer, the ambition for the brand was as bold as it was inspiring: Establish Ghassan as Jeweller to the Middle East’s brightest, most beautiful women and extend its reach across the Arab world.


Through a series of market visits and a three-day workshop with Ghassan’s Board and Design team, we gained a critical understanding of its audience, values and crucially, the culture in which it operates. In a region where women are uniformly veiled, we set out a noble purpose to empower women to SHINE, revealing their true beauty, character and personality.


We developed a multi-media campaign, including a TVC and touch-first website. The campaign provides a glimpse of women at their most confident, relaxed and self-expressive. It illustrates that when women know who they are and adorn themselves in Ghassan, they SHINE. Rather than simply showing women wearing beautiful jewellery, the film portrays a pianist, a painter and a writer creating something deeply personal. Their choice of jewellery becomes an expression of who they are.

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