Wiff of Fashion, Waff of Sport

There’s something about Wiff-Waff/Ping Pong that lends itself to fashion photography. When played at a high level, the sport has a mesmerising elegance. Play is fast and it demands quick reactions.

When filmed and slowed down, the pivoting, snap and sweeping motions that players make, look incredibly graceful. It worked for RSA’s film for oki-ni and it definitely works for Matthew Donaldson’s film below. Obviously things are helped when the player is not only a table tennis champion, but also former model, Sooyeon Lee. Put some tasseled garms on her back, set the film against Art of Noise’s Robinson Crusoe and you have a symphonic whirlwind of movement. It’s like a Wiff of Fashion, Waff of Sport.

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One Response to Wiff of Fashion, Waff of Sport

  1. thereviewer says:

    Ah wiff-waff, invented on the dining room tables of British citizens.

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