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Budweiser Rewarding the Unpredictable

To promote Budweiser Ice Cold in Ireland, the brand created the ‘Budweiser Ice Cold Index’, a free mobile app that rewards revelers based on the weather.  ‘The hotter the day, the less you pay’: above 20 degrees, your pint’s free; at 18/19 … Continue reading

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Wiff of Fashion, Waff of Sport

There’s something about Wiff-Waff/Ping Pong that lends itself to fashion photography. When played at a high level, the sport has a mesmerising elegance. Play is fast and it demands quick reactions. When filmed and slowed down, the pivoting, snap and … Continue reading

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Kitty and Lala – 80 Impression

Following on from The Sartorialist film, Kitty and Lala is the second part in our Visual Life campaign for Intel. With so much media attention focussed on China’s repression of speech and creativity (censorship of Google and detention of Ai Weiwei, etc.) … Continue reading

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Preempting the Tabloids

Bypassing the media and effectively taking the sting out of their tail, Wayne Rooney gave his 784,000-plus Twitter followers an advanced screening of his advancing hairline. As The Mirror put it Wayne Rooney hair transplant picture puts him ahead of the … Continue reading

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