ASICS: Inspired by Israel’s Elite Special Forces

For fashion brands to take inspiration from the colour and design of military uniforms is nothing new. Elements of military design are found across all sorts from catwalk to high street. Black Watch tartan, associated with the 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland, has superseded all authentic clan tartans to become the world’s number one.

Military design comes loaded with association: power, valour, war, imperialism, death and patriotism amongst many others. Its inclusion in design shouldn’t be taken lightly. So what does it say about a brand, when they take inspiration from Israel’s elite special forces, Mossad?

ASICS and serial sneaker collaborator, Ronnie Fieg, have done exactly that. The above pair of GEL LYTE IIIs have been treated to military green uppers and maroon soles, reflecting the Mossad’s fatigues and beret respectively. They’re attractive trainers, but taking inspiration from such a politically sensitive group, seems brave from a brand, famed for its humble, unassuming approach.

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