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The Origin of BRRA-A-A-AP BRAP?

Courtesy of Urban Dictionary 1. BRAP: A sound uttered when a heavy tune comes on – usually heard in raves.  Combine with gunfingers aloft for best results. 2. BRAP: Sound made to imitate gunshot. Used after you’ve just rinsed someone, or as mentioned earlier, listening … Continue reading

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Who Drinks Lager Slowly?

Despite being a great ad, this spot doesn’t seem to be for the right brand. Unlike stouts, lagers are quick to pour and nearly as quick to drink. To pour the perfect pint of Guinness it takes roughly two minutes, and … Continue reading

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LYKKE LI – Not So Easy to “Get Some”

More and more artists are giving tunes away for free – Theophilus London’s doing it , Kanye’s doing it, Swiss Beatz is doing and now Lykke Li’s doing it. Some have taken Radiohead’s model and are really giving them away … Continue reading

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Ralph Lauren Takes Retail Theatre to the 4th Dimension

When I first left school I worked in Ralph Lauren’s New Bond Street Store; an impressive art deco building, filled with epicurean delights. I’d describe it as somewhere between a National Trust House, Soho House and Savile Row – where everything is … Continue reading

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Kahlua es Mexicana y Muy Delicioso

Kahlua has launched a new campaign to celebrate its Veracruz, Mexican provenance and ‘intriguing combination of unexpected ingredients’. Produced by TBWA, the campaign takes a multi-platform approach – from the above TV spot, quirky print ads, influencer outreach to the … Continue reading

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Underground Catwalk

Amidst the glitz of Oslo Fashion week, the Salvation Army stole the show with a very human take on the catwalk. To promote their Freetex stores they turned everyday Norwegian folks into models on runways re-appropriated from Underground walkways. via Frukt … Continue reading

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Yo Gabba Gabba x Vans

To celebrate the  Yo Gabba Gabba Vans collection, the show’s co-creators Christian Jacobs, Jason Devilliers and Nate Rogers created five shorts starring each of the Gabba Land characters performing mad tricks Yo. Muno – Muno explores the streets of Los Angeles … Continue reading

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